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Our Businesses

Predict MEDiX

Predict MEDiX has developed a Artificial Intelligence powered technology (patent pending) with a decision-making ability to identify if someone is under the influence of cannabis. Law enforcement agencies all over North America are struggling with training costs along with the lack of correlation between levels of THC in bodily fluids and THC induced impairment. Our software will help with the associated financial burden by saving on training costs. Furthermore, we will be the first product in the market which can make an immediate decision (within 2-3 minutes) to identify is someone is under the influence of cannabis.

Cultivar Jamaica

CULTIVAR JA LTD. (Cultivar) is a grower, supplier and distributor (pending licenses approval) of cannabidiols (CBD oils) and when laws permit, tetrahydrocannabinols (THCs) with registration in Jamaica. Cultivar’s mission is to be a manufacturer and wholesaler of consumable cannabis products including cosmetics, natural health products, pharmaceuticals, veterinary health products, vaporizer oil and edibles. Cultivar is currently in the process of receiving four licences from the Jamaican government. These include Issuance of License to Cultivate, Process, Transport and for Retail from the Cannabis Licensing Authority in Jamaica.


CBD infused cosmetics has many benefits including reduced inflammation, anti-aging, moisturizing and efficacy in treating skin disorders. Currently, we have completed development of 3 product lines including a face mask, serum and moisturiser. These have been developed using herbal extracts which have shown efficacy for skin care along with CBD.

Dazed Leaf

We are cannabis nutraceutical company which is reinventing health and wellness teas by offering unique health-focused Cannabidiol (CBD) infused products which have been scientifically formulated and are free of chemicals and preservatives. We saw a growing demand in CBD infused products coupled with a growing health and wellness trend in North America. Therefore, Dazed Leaf sought to create scientifically proven health and wellness teas infused with CBD to be at the forefront of this new industry. Over a rigorous research and development phase Dazed Leaf has come up with five unique tea blends.